s UConn Men's Lacrosse: UConn Starts Season, Games Streamed Online This Weekend

This weekend the UConn Men's Lacrosse team will be participating in the Volunteer Invitational in Memphis, Tennessee where they will square off against Texas A & M, Indiana and Tennessee. You can read an article on the event here: http://www.collegelax.us/news/2011/03/25/volunteer-invitational-reaches-new-heights-in-second-year/.

Additionally, all 6 games of the Volunteer Invitational will be streamed online live. UConn plays vs. TAMU Friday at 8:30pm, vs. IU Sat at 4:30pm, and Sunday vs. UT at 1:30pm. You can watch for no cost at this link: http://www.collegelax.us/cl_tv/. All times are Central Time Zone.

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